Objective: This study aimed to analyze the accuracy of determination results of five kinds of carbamate pesticide residues in apple. Methods: Five kinds of carbamate pesticide residues in apples were detected according to NY/T 761—2008, and the uncertainty of the determination process was evaluated and analyzed. Results: The contents of carbosulfur, methomyl, 3-hydroxycarbamate, aldicarb and isoprocarb in apples are expressed in the form of expanded uncertainty as (0.105 7±0.007 8), (0.107 7±0.006 2), (0.109 2±0.005 8), (0.103 9±0.008 4), (0.106 1±0.007 6) mg/kg (k=2). Conclusion: The main sources of uncertainty in the experiment are standard material, recovery rate, sample pretreatment, and detection equipment, and the overall expression is Urel(Standard)>Urel(Recovery Rate)>Urel (Pretreatment)>Urel (Instrument).

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