Objective: To realize the full automation of shrimp deep processing. Methods: Based on analysis of physical characteristics of northern and southern American shrimps, according to the feature of the center of gravity located between the thickest part of the shrimp body and the tail of the shrimp, an automatic orientation and grading device of shrimp head and tail was designed. Taking the clip angle between directional roller shaft line and horizontal line and the speed of directional roller as testing factors, the directional components were tested. Results: When the directional roller speed was 60 r/min, and the angle between axis line and horizontal line was 15°, the falling speed of shrimp was even and stable with high directional rate, which was benefit for subsequent grading transportation. Conclusion: The device realizes the shrimp head and tail positioning and classification, which is conducive to the full automation of shrimp processing.

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