Objective:This study aimed to clarify the content anddistribution of polyphenols in fruit juice samples and explore theintrinsic connection of the content of polyphenols with the taste offruit juice .Methods: 15 kinds of polyphenols in fruit juice sampleswere determined by HPLC-MS/MS following ethanol ultrasonic-assisted extraction.Various statistical methods such as correlation and_cluster analysis,were used to establish thesensory evaluation system of fruit juice with the values ofdifferent tastes,including sweetness,sourness,bitterness,salty, umami, astringency and piquancy.Lastly, the relationshipbetween the content of polyphenols and sensory evaluation wasexplored by correlation analysis .Results: 14 types of fruit juiceswere divided into four categories owing to their taste, namelysweet, sour-sweet, bitter and bitter-astringent.There was sign if-icant positive relationship between the content of total polyp he-nols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, chl orogenic acids, free phenolicacids and value of astringency.Conclusion:Thecontentsofpoly-phenol varied greatly in different fruit juices, and those withbitter and astringent taste often had high content of polyphenol.However, those with sweet taste had low content of poly oh enol.Polyphenolic compounds, especially the free phenolic acids werethe key substances affecting taste of astringency of fruit juice.

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