Objective: This study focused on the antioxidant activities of eight edible fungiproteins and their hydrolysates. Methods: Eight edible fungi proteins were hydrolyzed using alkaline protease. DPPH free radical scavenging activity, ABTS free radical scavenging activity, Fe2+ chelation rate and reducing power were used to evaluate antioxidant activity. Results: SDS-PAGE electrophoretic profile results indicated that alkaline protease was efficient in hydrolyzing proteins into low molecular weight peptides and amino acid; the antioxidant activity of the alkaline proteolysis product of Volvariellavolvacea was the highest with DPPH free radical scavenging ability (5 140.45±5.35) μg Trolox/g, ABTS free radical scavenging ability (6.97±0.27) mmol Trolox/L, and Fe2+ chelation rate (79.86±0.45)% and the reducing power (0.350±0.001). Moreover, the amino acid composition was also determined, containing eight essential amino acids (230.43±5.35) mg/g and hydrophobic (209.95±4.95) mg/g, negatively charged (115.89±2.32) mg/g and aromatic amino acids (57.86±1.74) mg/g with high antioxidant activity. Conclusion: The alkaline proteolysis product of Volvariellavolvacea has good antioxidant activity and was rich in essential, hydrophobic, negatively charged and aromatic amino acids.

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