Objective: This study aimed to explore the best thawing method of squid in storage and processing. Methods: Three kinds of squid were thawed by four thawing methods: low temperature thawing, ultrasonic thawing, flowing water thawing and hydrostatic thawing. The changes of sensory quality, texture characteristics, thawing loss rate, cooking loss rate, volatile base total nitrogen (TVB-N value), thiobarbituric acid value (TBARS value) and salt-soluble protein content (SSP value) of different squid were investigated during the thawing process. Results: Ultrasonic thawing took the shortest time, but thawing loss rate was high and the juice loss was serious; The low temperature thawing time was too long, with high TBARS value but poor quality; The loss rates of hydrostatic thawing and cooking were high, and the phenomena of protein degradation and fat oxidation were serious; The mastication of squid was better under flowing water thawing, and the loss rate of thawing was relatively low, and the characteristics of muscle structure were maintained well. Conclusion: Flow water thawing is the most suitable thawing method for squid.

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