Objective: This study aimed to find the best clarifying method of fermented wine by using L. lucidus Turcz and improve its quality and stability. Methods: The gelatin clarification method, bentonite clarification method, chitosan clarification method, heat treatment method, membrane filtration method and static clarification at different temperatures were used to treat the wine fermented with L. lucidus Turcz. As an evaluation index for the clarification effect, the best clarification method and related parameters were selected by combining turbidity, color, light transmittance, the content of alcohol, total acid, total sugar, caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid, and sensory scores. Results: The results showed that, after 70 ℃ water bath heat treatment for 20 min, the wine fermented with L. lucidus had the best clarity, with a turbidity of only 1.19 EBC and a light transmittance of 95.8%. The highest sensory score was 88.9 points, and the soluble solid content was 8.02%. The content of alcohol, total acid, total sugar, caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid had little change after the clarification. Moreover, the fermented wine in the present study had no turbidity during storage and showed good stability after heat treatment. Conclusion: After heat treatment, the fermented wine of L. lucidus Turcz is orange-red, transparent, odorless, good taste, and stable quality.

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