Objective:This study focus on improving the a-glucosi-dase inhibition rate of Camellia pollens.Methods:Usinga-gluco-sida se inhibition rate as the index, the response surface method-ology was used to optimize the effects of lactic acid bacteria in ocu-lation amount, fermentation temperature and fermentation timeon the results of Camellia pollens fermentation.Results:It wasfound that the number of lactic acid bacteria inoculated had thegreatest effect on α- glucosidase inhibition, followed by ferment a-tion temperature.The optimized fermentation conditions of Ca-melli a pollens were 0.9%lactic acid bacteria inoculation at 37℃for 3 days.Under the control of the optimized conditions, the in-hi bition rate of αglucosidase in Camellia pollens fermentation liq-uid was 38.97%, which was 3.ll times of that from the un fer-mented Camellia pollens.Conclusion:Theexperimentallyopti-mized process of lactic acid bacteria fermentation of Camellia pol-lens was simple to operate and could significantly improve the a-glucosidase inhibition rate.

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