Objective:This study aimed to develop R.roxburghii as functional food in medicine and healthcare products.Methods:High-fat dial-induced insulin resistance rat model was established.There were normal control group, the model group, the positivecontrol group, and the low and high dose group of R.roburghii polysaccharide(100mg/kg and 200mg/kg) .The body weight was recorded before and after the experiment.The serum oxidative stress indexes(SOD, MDA) , lipid metabolism indexes(TG, TC) , fasting blood glucose(FBG) and fasting insulin(FINS) levels, as well as the mRNA and protein expressions of PI3K an dG LUT 4m RNA in skeletal muscle were detected.Re-sults:Compared with the model group, the bodyweight, serum MDA, TG, TC, FBG, FINS, HOMA-IR were decreased(P<0.0l) , and the SOD activity and the m RNA and protein expres-sion levels of PI3KandGLUT 4 were increased after poly sac cha-ride intervention in IR rats after R.roxburghii polysaccharide in-ter vention(P<0.05) .Conclusion:R.roc burghii polysaccharide(PRR-3) has antioxidant effect, which can reduce the weight ofinsulin-resistant rats, regulate glucose and lipid metabolism, andimprove obesity insulin resistance.There is a dose-effect relation-ship, which maybe achieved by up-regulating the expression of PI3KandGLUT 4 proteins in the PI3K/AKT/GLUT 4 signalingpathway and enhancing GLUT 4 transport.

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