Objective:Thisstudy aimedto investigatethedifference of bio activators from different flaxseed .Methods: 12flaxseed varieties were used as study objectives, 8kindsofbioac-tivat ors from different varieties of flaxseed were measured andanalyzed by principal component and clustering.Results:Theorder of effect of flaxseed varieties on bioactive substances was asfollows:lignan>total cyanide>flavone>phytosterol>total phe-no lic acid>to cop hero nic acid>FRAP value>DP PH value.3 principal components were extracted by principal component a-nalysis and their accumulative contribution ratereach to82.925%.The first, second and third principal component weremainly determined by flavone and FRAP values, lignan and to co-p hero nic acid, total cyanide and total phenolic acid, respectively.12 flaxseed varieties were divided into three groups by clusteringanalysis, and their comprehensive assessment value reduced suc-ces sively.Group I include Bay all, N in gyal 7, Bay a 9, Long ya 8and Lun xuan 2,Group II include Long ya10,N in gyal 6 andNingyal6andJinya 7, and Group III include Lun xuan l, Jin ya 8,Yiya3 and Yiya 4.Conclusion:Comprehensive score of Bay all isthe highest, and it has higher nutritional value.

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