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李斌(1960—),女,华南农业大学教授,博士。E-mail: bli@scau.edu.cn林晓蓉(1986—),女,华南农业大学讲师,博士。E-mail: xiaoronglin@scau.edu.cn


Objective: This study aimed to explore the composition and the functional bioactivity of tea polyphenols from cocoa tea. Methods: Chemical components of crude green tea polyphenol extracts from cocoa tea were analyzed and identified using high resolution mass spectrometry. Additionally, their potential functional effects were predicted by network pharmacological analysis. Results: The in vitro hyperglycemic potential of crude green tea polyphenol from cocoa tea was preliminarily confirmed based on their strong inhibition on α-glucosidase and α-amylase. Six key targets including GAPDH and AKT and multiple pathways such as PI3K-AKT were predicted to be involved in the underying mechanisms behind the hyperglycemic effects of crude green tea polyphenol from cocoa tea through the GO enrichment and KEGG enrichment analysis. Ten polyphenol components including myricetin, anthocyanin, etc. were suggested to play a key role in the hyperglycemic activities of crude green tea polyphenol from cocoa tea via the construction of a “component-target-pathway” network combined with the molecular docking between these components and starch hydrolase. Conclusion: Crude green tea polyphenols from cocoa tea exerted a high hypoglycemic effect by regulating multi-targets through multi-pathways via multi-components.

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