Objective: The paper aims to solve the large amount of packing for spherical fruit packing with unstable and unshapen with foam. Methods: A product design method based on AHP, AD and TRIZ integration was proposed in view of user demands. The weight and ranking of customer demands was obtained through AHP, the high-weights of design elements was converted to functional requirement. Then, the mapping between functional domain and physical domain of design elements was completed by means of AD axiomatic design. The design parameter sets of bevel gear packaging mechanism, spiral auxiliary mechanism, cutter mechanism and tension control mechanism were obtained, and the initial design matrix of fruit packaging machine was constructed. The structural design of fruit packaging machine was obtained by combining AD independent axiom and TRIZ conflict principle. Finally, the feasibility of scheme was verified by orthogonal experiment. The orthogonal test of packaging machine was carried out. Results: The test results showed that when the opening distance was 120 mm, the forward speed was 65 mm/s, and the Angle of the fruit tube is 40°, the packing effect of apple was the best, the success rate of packing machine was 92%. Conclusion: Automatic packaging for spherical fruit could be solved the existing problem of automatic packing by using foaming net, the test index met low damage rate and high efficiency.

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