Authorship and Competing Interests

Authors should ensure that all the listed person(s) have made a substantial contribution to the manuscript with no doubt on the order.

The corresponding author(s) should ensure that all the participated person(s) were contained in the author list, and all the co-authors agree to publish it in this journal. Authors should ensure and be in agreement with who completed a certain part of this manuscript, which means the particular definitions of authorships are asked to offer.

Authors should recognize that some others who made efforts in a specific aspect of this manuscript are required to put in the acknowledgment.

Any financial support for conducting this work should be stated in the manuscript.



All signed authors should contribute substantially to the research. All copyright owners should agree to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement


Article Processing Charge

To provide the service of Open Access (OA), the Journal of Food & Machinery has set rules for the open access fee which is also known as an Article Processing Charge (APC). When an article is accepted for publication, the author/s, funder/s or institution/s pay an APC. More detailly, for authors from China: CNY 200 per manuscript for a review fee, CNY 2750 per 6 pages for a publication fee (extra CNY 200 per page for more than 6 pages); for authors outside China: CNY 400 per manuscript for a review fee, no publication fee. Noted: the number of pages is calculated based on the final PDF version and an additional fee may be charged if figures need to be printed in color.


Detection of Academic Misconduct

The Journal of Food & Machinery adopts a strict policy against academic misconduct. Manuscripts will be rejected directly if any form of plagiarism is found. Specifically, submissions are preliminarily found to the academic misconduct through CNKI AMLC systems (https://check7.cnki.net/amlc2/Login.aspx). Once the rate numbers of the duplicate checking are more than 10%, the handling of the submission should be terminated.


Advertisement Policy

The Journal of Food & Machinery publishes advertisements in print, which are subject to the supervision and management of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China, and only can be read by special people after being reviewed by special persons. Any kind of misleading advertisements on paper shall be rejected. Noted: the journal does not accept any commercial advertisements except for public service advertisements and industry-representative products and technologies.

The journal’s website does not publish any advertisements.



Any direct or indirect marketing activity involved in a manuscript shall be carefully considered and not accepted. The Journal of Food & Machinery publishes only true and not misleading information to readers.