The best adsorption conditions of the attapulgite on Lactobacillus cells were optimized. Different kinds and concentrations of acids and alkalis were used to pretreat the attapulgite, the results showed that 1 mol/L H3PO4 was the best. In pH 6, 0.4 mol/L phosphate buffer system, adsorption of attapulgite on Lactobacillus cells basically completed in 60 min, and reached to the adsorption equilibrium. Adsorption of attapulgite on Lactobacillus cells could well fit the Langmuir adsorption isotherm equation. With the increase of temperature, the equilibrium adsorption of attapulgite on Lactobacillus cells increased higher, which was an endothermic process. When Lactobacillus cells concentration increases, the equilibrium adsorption capacity was also increasing. The adsorption process belonged to the preferential adsorption.

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