A method was developed using ICP-AES for the simultaneous determination on the content of trace heavy metals including Na, Mg, Al, K, etc in 3 spieces of jujube of Xin Jiang district. The correlation index of method was greater than 0.998; Determination of elements in addition to the individual value, RSD is less than 5%. The results showed that: xinjiang jujube had rich mineral elements content, which especially in K (>12 277 μg/g), Ca (>785 μg/g), Mg (> 646 μg/g), Na (425 μg/g), Al (>179 μg/g), Fe (>22 μg/g) content is higher, the K and Fe content of Aksu jun jujube and Hami jujube were higher than other areas and varieties of jujube.

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