Investigated, ozonated water combined with modified atmosphere packaging on preservation of fresh-cut lettuce stored at 4 ℃. Results indicated that ozonated water treatment combined with modified atmosphere packaging had prominent effect of controlling the reproduction of bacterial, the decline of water content , the degradation of chlorophyll and the activity of polyphenol oxidase (PPO), reducing its rotten, wilting, yellowing and browning rate. This method maintained high Vc content and sensory quality of fresh-cut lettuce at the same time. Also, it extended shelf-life of fresh-cut lettuce and kept its commodity value at 14th day.In addition, results also indicated that after the long time storage(more than 6 days), different proportion of gas had no significant impact on the quality of fresh-cut lettuce when modified atmosphere packaging contain O2 and CO2 in a suitable low range(5%~10%).

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