Using the accelerated oxidation test, this study was conducted to investigate the effects of different combinations of natural antioxidants with synthetic antioxidants on the stability the shelf-life of linseed oil by examining the changes in its acid value and peroxide value. The results showed that a combination of 0.04% oleaginous rosemary, 0.018% butyl hydroxy anisd and 0.018% propyl gallate was found to have the best antioxidant activity. Comparisons of the changes in acid value of linseed oil before and after alkali refining revealed that adding 0.6 or 0.7 g of sodium hydroxide to 4g of linseed oil and allowing them to react for 4 hours reduced its acid value by about 80% and significantly prolonged its shelf-life. The shelf-life of linseed oil treated with the optimal combination of natural and synthetic antioxidants could be extended.

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