The N-aryl Chitooligosaccharides (COS) derivatives were firstly synthesized with Benzaldehyde, salicylal and 3,4-two hydroxy benzaldehyde, subsequently was quaternized to enhance its water solubility.The chemical structures of all COS derivatives were characterized by ATR-FTIR or 1H NMR. The antibacterial studies of these COS derivatives were carried out by the inhibition zone diameters methods against E.coli, S.aurueus and P.aeruginosa bacteria. The antibacterial activity results showed N-3,4-two hydroxy benzaldehyde Schiff’s base COS > N-salicylal Schiff’s base COS > N- Benzaldehyde Schiff’s base COS> COS. In comparison to the COS derivatives chemical structure, it was found that the phenol hydroxyl group from N-aryl Schiff COS could improved the antibacterial activity, and the samller of its steric hindrance the more high of the antibacterial activity.

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