A two stage brining method for preparing salted eggs with low salt was investigated. The moisture and salt content of the egg white and egg yolk in the process of brining were measured. The oil-off ratio of the yolk of the salted eggs was measured, and the sensory quality of the salted eggs was comprehensively evaluated.The results showed that, when the two stage briningprocess in which duck eggs were preserved with 19% salt solution firstly,then switched to a low concentration of 3.5% salt solution was applied, the salt content of the salted egg white was 3.64%, 51.21% lower than the traditional salted egg white, and its taste was appropriate. The salt content of the salted egg yolk was 0.94%, slightly lower than that (1.23%) of the traditional salted egg yolk. However, the oil-off ratio of the egg yolk was 67.73%, which was similar to the level of traditional salted egg yolk (69.22%). It could be concluded that the two stage brining method could reduce the salt content of salted egg white and achieve a similar oil-off ratio and loose sand-like mouth feel of egg yolk. The two stage brining method could be used in preparation of salted eggs with low salt.

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