The pH value, intermediate (A294nm), browning intensity (A420nm), free amino group content and antioxidant activity as detection index. The effect of temperature(100 ℃, 120 ℃) on Maillard reaction and antioxidant activity of the Maillard reaction products(MRPs) derived from yellow stripe trevally(Selaroides leptolepis) fish protein hydrolysates was investigated. The results were as follows: when reaction temperature was 120 ℃, the pH value, intermediate (A294nm), browning intensity (A420nm) and free amino group content of the systems during the Maillard reaction were more significant, and the reducing power and DPPH radical scavenging activity of MRPs were enhanced greatly, however, the hydroxyl radical scavenging activity and Fe2+ chelating activity of MRPs were decreased significantly, compared with 100 ℃.

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