The objectives of this study were to optimize pulverizing and boiling process for germinated soybean milk. Pulverizing temperature and boiling time were explored through single-factor experiments and the optimal temperature was figured out as 70 ℃ and boiling time as 4 min.With optimized process, content of γ-aminobutyric acid, total freeamino acids, essential freeamino acids in the germinated soybean based milk were 1.36 mg/100 g, 0.455 g/100 g, and 0.219 g/100 g, respectively. Compared with dry soybean milk, the above contents were 3.68, 1.34, 8.87 folds increased respectively. Despite that the trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA) was 1.27 times that of dry soybean based milk, the nutritional value of germinated soybean milk has been remarkably improved.

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