The nutrient compositions’ change of green beans, black beans, soybean were studied during sprouting in order to provide experimental basis for the sprouting soybean food production and processing. Control soybean germination conditions by using a certain temperature and humidity, regular sampling and assay sprouted soybean’s crude protein, crude fat, reducing sugar, Vc and isoflavone’s content. The results show that: the protein content of green beans, soybean and black beans after seven days’ germination increased by 24.03%, 24.28% and 22.88% respectively than after one day’s germination, the reducing sugar content increased by 129.06%, 127.17% and 125.73% respectively; the Vc content increased by 831.37%, 663.97% and 807.07%; the crude fat content reduced by 37.28%, 35.68.28% and 36.69% respectively. The isoflavone content of three kinds of soybeans reached the maximum value after four days’ germination, the black soybean’s isoflavone was 0.531% and was the highest.

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