Chicken was cooked by three methods which were frying, braising and stewing, to compare the changes of volatile aroma and texture of cooking chicken. Results showed that after cooking chicken sensory quality characteristics changed dramatically. Aldehydes content was significantly higher than alcohols and alkanes in volatile components of fresh meat. However, the volatile compositions of cooking chicken were mainly aldehydes and alkane substances, and aldehydes and alcohols content decreased significantly, with the order of decreasing degree: fried > braised >stewed; But alkane matter content increased significantly with the same order of increasing degree as above. After cooking, some new macromolecules were detected too. Of the three cooking ways, the hardness and chewiness of fried chicken were the lowest, but elasticity and cohesiveness were the highest; the hardness and chewiness of braised chicken tended to be the highest, but elasticity and cohesiveness were the lowest.

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