The physical properties test of the crunchy rice candy was carried out with a texture analyzer under compression mode. The crispness of the crunchy rice candy was tested using the sensory evaluation method and was adopted the compression mode a texture analyzer. Spss statistical analysis software was applied to the data of crispness sensory eveluation and texture test. Subsequently, the forecast model was constructed for the crunchy rice candy crispness by analyzing the correlation between the data of crispness sensory eveluation and texture test. The results showed that:the best testing speed was 1.0 mm/s, the compression deform deformation was 50%.The Peak Positive Force(X1), Positive Area(X2),Area To Positive Peak(X3), Linear Distance(X4)data were very significantly correlated with the crispness of the crunchy rice candy. The prediction model was Y=-4.130+0.241X1-0.101X2-0.487X3+0.128X4, the correlation coefficient was 0.977, P<0.05, and the model can predict the crispness of the crunchy rice candy.

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