The camellia seed oil is a kind of Chinese endemic woody oil, which had the higher nutrition value and better healthy function for the body. The Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)could be produced with the oil processing progress and affected the safety of camellia seed oil. In the experiment, the 15 ingredients of PAHs were examined in camellia seed crude oil respectively produced through five processing technologies including the low temperature squeezing, high temperature squeezing, leaching, CO2 supercritical fluid extraction and aqueous enzymatic extraction methods. The oil samples including no PAHs (concentrations<0.1 μg/kg) were respectively treated under different higher temperatures for 50 min. The concentrations of 15 PAHs ingredients were little in camellia seed oil respectively produced through the low temperature squeezing, CO2 supercritical fluid extraction and aqueous enzymatic extraction methods, and partially exceeded Chinese or international oil safety standard for the oil from high temperature squeezing and leaching methods. With the increase in processing temperature, the partial PAHs ingredients would be detected and its concentrations showed an upward trend in the treated oil. The above results indicated there was a correlation between the partial PAHs ingredients, concentrations and processing technology, and high temperature could be the main reason leading to the production of PAHs in the camellia seed oil.

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