Bayberry seed shell-cracking equipment and it's working parameters were researched. The special equipment for that was prepared, and the optimization working parameters for bayberry seed shell cracking was achieved. Those optimal parameters are as follows: the cracking rotor runs 120r/min, the cracked rate for the first level bayberry nuclear 98.75% with the roller spacing 6.5 mm, and the naked seed obtained is 11.62%; for the second level, the cracked rate is 95.98% at roller spacing 3.5 mm, and naked seed obtained is 11.21%; for the third level, the parameters are 90.80%, 3.5 mm, and 9.91%. By statistical analysis, total shell cracked rate reaches up to 96.16%, total naked seed obtained is 11.14%, and the total utilization rate for bayberry seed is 92.83%.

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