Three preservation methods including controlled atmosphere (5% O2+5% CO2+90% N2), ozone(5 mg/L), and 1-MCP(900 nL/L)were used on chayote stored at (9±1) ℃ and relative humidity 90%~95% to investigate the changes of storage quality during storage time. The results showed that the fruits of three treatment groups had maintained better quality compared with the untreated group. Meanwhile, the respiratory climacteric peak of group treated with 1-MCP was 15 days later than other groups which showed up on 15th d. What's more, with the lowest respiration rate at 4.27 mg CO2/(kg·h) on 90th d, the contents of chlorophyll (027 mg/kg) and vitamin C (6.59 mg/100 g) in fruits treated with 1-MCP were the highest. Moreover, CAT, POD and SOD activities of fruits treated with 1-MCP were higher than other groups'.

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