Banzai banana was treated by 0 ℃ cold shock 2, 3, 4, 5 h and 3 ℃ cold shock treatment 4, 6, 8, 10 h, stored at (8±0.5) ℃ of 30 d, ripened at (20±0.5) ℃ of the constant temperature box, and the chilling injury symptoms and postripeness were observed. And 3 ℃ cold shock treatment 6 h of banana fruits were regularly sampled and measured cold resistance physiological indexes during the period of (8±0.5) ℃. The results showed that: compared with the control group, 3 ℃ cold shock 6h could significantly reduce the chilling injury index, improve the quality of after-ripening and prolong the shelf life. In addition, it delayed cell membrane permeability of bananas peel increased, reduced MDA content, improved soluble protein content and free proline content of banana fruits. In summary, 3 ℃ cold shock 6 h treatment not only could effectively maintain the ripening of quality and prolong the shelf life of bananas, but also could significantly improve the cold resistance of banana fruits.

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