Based on the hot air drying characteristics, the effects were studied for pre-drying time, puffing temperature, vacuum temperature, vacuum time and puffing times on color, crispness, hardness, rehydration of jackfruit products. The results indicated that the technological conditions of hot air-explosion puffing drying were: hot air drying temperature 60 ℃, pre-drying time 3 h, puffing temperature 90 ℃, vacuum drying temperature 60 ℃, vacuum time 2.5 h, puffing times 5 times, residence time 5 min, and vacuum degree -0.098 MPa. Under these conditions, the values of ΔE, L, b, hardness, hardness, crispness, rehydration rate were 3.30±058, 54.19±0.13, 28.95±0.16, 4 830.82±734.43, 17.45±434, 242±0.13, respectively.

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