The aroma components of Guzhang Maojian Tea was extracted by solid-phase micrextraction (SPME), and identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC—MS). Then compared the difference of two different pretreatment. Results showed that, a total of 109 aroma compounds were found in Guzhang Maojian Tea identified by direct adsorption, which including 26 alkene, 25 hydrocarbons, 17 alcohols, 9 ketones, 13 esters, 4 aldehydes,6 nitrogen containing compound, 2 acids, 2 phenols, 1 ether, 4 heterocycle and others. And 63 kinds were determined by bubbled adsorption, which including 12 alkene, 4 hydrocarbons, 14 alcohols, 8 ketones, 5 esters, 12 aldehydes, 2 phenols,4 nitrogen containing compound, 2 heterocycle and others.both of two pretreatment detection 37 kinds and total detection 135 aroma components. Indicate that the aroma compounds of tea was greatly effected by pretreatment, two pretreatment complement each other and can better reflect the essence of aroma of Guzhang Maojian Tea.

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