The effect of six enzymes was studied, as edible fungus hydrolase A01, Edible fungus hydrolase A02, cellulose, neutral protease, papain and flavourzyme on the content of free amino acid, resolvable sugar and L*, a*, b* value in Pleurotus nebrodensis cooking juices. The results indicated that the influence on the content of free amino acid and resolvable sugar was the most significant. The amount of free amino acid was increased by 55.0% after the neutral protease treatment; and the amount of resolvable sugar increased by 41.28% after cellulase treatment. The L* value both increased apparent as the cellulase hydrolysis proceeded and neutral protease proceeded. The highest decrease of the a* value was shown after the neutral protease treatment. The b* value decreased after the neutral protease treatment, and increased after other five enzymes treatments. The flavourzyme treatment on the Pleurotus nebrodensis cooking juices can achieve the best result by principal component analysis method.

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