The treatments of screw extrusion technology on rice noodle (TDM, and XMM) and Fensi (TFS), and traditional craft rice noodles (WFM) were compared in the characteristics of quality, and the microstructure was observed after cooked. Physicochemical properties of TDM and XMM were between TFS and WFM before cook, and TDM was almost close to the best strength of TFS. Physicochemical properties after cook were the similarities between TDM and XMM, and close to TFS, further away from the WFM. Their microstructure characterized by irregular, polygonal honeycomb cellular structure, micro-Chamber diameter approximately 0.5~2.0 μm. The results showed that the screw extrusion technology was not just convenient, energy-saving, high performance, and had a larger role in the improvement of quality of rice noodle.

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