The experiment collected 13 samples from the bottle stored red wine which are made in the Eastern Foot of Helan Mountain, 2012 and 2013. Method by ultraviolet spectrophotometer. Quantitative appraisal of color of red wine is established according to the parameters of hue (H*), saturation(C*) and brightness(L*) are analyzed in CIE L*a*b* (recommended by International Commission on Illumination). The hue is divided into 3 levels, the chroma is divided into 5 levels, the lightness is divided into 5 levels. construct the CIE L*a*b* model the levels are: Ry CX(1-5)LX(1-5), Rz CX(1-5)LX(1-5), Rb CX(1-5)LX(1-5). The results show that these

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