In order to improve the qualities of dried hosui pear(Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai.) slices and shorten the drying time, short- and medium- wave infrared drying was applied to drying hosui pear slices. The effects of drying temperatures, drying power, and radiation distances on the drying characteristic of hosui pear were investigated. Meanwhile, the impact of short- and medium- wave infrared drying on color, texture and moisture content of dried hosui pear were analyzed. The results showed that the drying procedure appeared as a falling rate period. The water effective diffusion coefficient (Deff) of hosui pear ranged from 8.622 6×10-10~2.207 7×10-9 m2/s under short- and medium- wave infrared drying condition. The drying temperature was the most influential factor on the drying processing. The quality of pear slice was optimized when the drying temperature was 65 ℃, drying power was 1 350 W and the radiation distance was 120 mm. Under this condition, the L value was 62.7, the △E value was 7.10 and the brittleness was 4.67 mm.

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