Traditional sea cucumber cooking equipments temperature control was fixed value control, and there were a lot of problems such as poor regulating ability, large overshoot and control lag. In order to solving those problems, first of all, steam bypass adjusting system was designed for sea cucumber cooking equipment, in order to realizing cooking temperatures precise control. Secondly, the sea cucumber cooking equipment was converted to an equivalent heat transfer system, and then established its heat transfer computing model and solving strategy. Thirdly, the heat transfer computing model was embedded to control algorithm, temperature perturbation predicted by using heat transfer computing model, then sea cucumber equipments temperature precise control was realized. Finally, experimental research on steam bypass adjustment precise control of sea cucumber cooking equipment was conducted, and its temperature control ability and impact on sea cucumbers quality were studied. Experimental results showed that sea cucumber cooking equipments temperature control based on steam bypass adjustment had advantages such as small overshoot, small control lag and strong adjusting ability. It provided sea cucumber product with high elasticity and low harness, and ensured a better quality of cooking sea cucumber product.

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