Polygon rotating metal shell 3D model commonly used in the design of aircraft, such as underwater vehicle model. The appearance of the metal shell has irregularity, texture feature is complex, the need for real-time rendering in the process of sailing, the traditional three-dimensional modeling method for polygon the lifelike three-dimensional modeling of the rotating metal shell is not good, gloss is not strong. A polygon based on Creator rotating metal shell 3D modeling method was established. Build a polygon choose metal shell structure parameters of the system, using background difference continuous reconstruction method for 3D reconstruction algorithm is improved, the use of texture mapping and attached material technology improved the sense of reality. 3D modeling based on Multigen Creator software simulation experiments, the Creator interactive intuitive user interface was used for polygon modeling and texture mapping. Simulation results showed that, the performance is better, improve the object three-dimensional modeling realistic and lifelike by using this method to mechanical spray metal shell in the food processing of 3D modeling.

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