The aim was to establish a rapid discrimination method of Muscat grape during storage based on the electronic nose technology. Samples of different storage time stored in 10, 0 ℃ were detected using PEN3 electronic nose system, operating loadings contribution rate analysis of sensors, principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis to distinguish the storage period, establishing of the discriminant model, and then compared the prediction power of Mahalanobis distance, Euclidean distance, correlation, discriminant function analysis method by unknown samples. At the same time, the rate of good fruit, soluble solids content, total acid content, VC content, hardness index were measured to reflect the changes of quality during storage. The results showed that the quality changes of Muscat grape during storage obeyed certain regularity, different pattern recognition method of electronic noses could distinguish different storage periods of samples effectively, application of discriminant function discriminant analysis to predict unknown samples got the highest correct rate, reaching 95%. Therefore, discriminant of Muscat grape storage period using electronic nose is feasible.

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