To improve wall-broken effects of bee pollen, rape bee pollen was selected as material and treated with pectinase in different pH and temperature. The effects of pectinase on rape bee pollen were evaluated by protein dispersion index, soluble sugar content, microscopic analysis and particle size distribution. The results demonstrated that pectinase hydrolysis could disintegrate the intine at the germinal apertures, the optimal conditions were pH 3.5 and temperature 50 ℃. Under optimal conditions, protein dispersion index was 0.684 6, and soluble sugar content was 24.86%. By microscopic analysis, some germinal apertures seemed apart and some little particles emerged. According to particle size distribution, the holes area of pollen increased 39.20%, and distribution of pollen grains shifted towards higher holes ratio. At the same time, the particle size distribution shifted towards smaller size of particles and the number of particles in small sizes was increasing, in particular, fragments below 1 μm increased by 339.92%.

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