This paper aims at analyzing the composition and content of organic acids in Choerospondias axillaris and its pastilles, and discussing the effect of pastilles processing on content of organic acids, to provide a reliable basis for further development of Choerospondias axillaris product. LC—MS was adopted to analyze the organic acids in Choerospondias axillaris, and established a reversed-phase HPLC technique for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic acids. The results showed that all samples presented a similar profile mainly composed of 7 organic acids, where citric acid and malic acid were the major ones. The content of organic acids in Choerospondias axillaris pulp and peel were 148.306 and 129.996 mg/g·DW, respectively. The loss of total content of organic acids caused by blanching process was significant, but subsequent processing has little effect on organic acids.

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