With Trachinotus ovatus surimi gel as the research object, using the fractional factorial experiment screened out five factors from the seven factors, such as rinsing time, rinsing times, mincing time and twice heating time, which had a great effect on the surimi gel strength and whiteness. And then through the steepest uphill test to approach the maximum response area of the 5 factors, the final optimized by central composite design response surface methodology, the optimal results showed that: the rinsing time was 3 min, rinsing 5 times, mincing time was 21 min, the first heating time was 10 min, second heating time was 10min, the surimi gel strength was 10 728.16 g·mm; the rinsing time was 4 min, rinsing 6 times, mincing time was 22 min, the first heating time was 11 min, second heating time was 10 min, white degree was 70.91.

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