Report a study on the modification conditions of attapulgite towards improving its adsorption affinity and specificity of the chill haze protein in beer. Quantity of attapulgite added and adsorption time used were optimized using univariate and multivariate analysis with orthogonal parameter sets. Experiments conducted were focusing on the non-biological stability, foam stability and filtration performance of beer. Adsorption specificity test of the modified attapulgite with the chill haze protein in beer was also presented. An optimal condition for the modification was concluded that the attapulgite be heated at 303 ℃ for 2.54 h. With a quantity of 0.87 g/L added and an adsorption time of 25 minutes and an addition of SASPL value about 2.0, the modified attapulgite manifested a high affinity to the chill haze protein in beer, improved the stability of beer significantly leaving no adverse effect on the beer foam stability.

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