Under the impact of the food safety accidents occur frequently, traditional food safety supervision mode relying solely on management of the administrative organs show significant limitations. Therefore, public management mode should be established, its core is government and fully integrates social management power. In the context of public management, food safety supervision in China lack the necessary coordination between administrative departments, administrative departments and social public opinion, administrative departments can not play their leading role, and many food operators ignore the legal supervision and other issues, which is caused by the food safety administration of long management, local protectionism and lack of legal coordination channels, self-discipline is poor, so it must be from the concept of public management, the number of improvement of the law, food industry self-regulation ability to strengthen and strengthen consumer organizations and other aspects, in order to fully integrate and coordinate with media as a representative of the public opinion, the food industry itself and consumers, the supervision and management of social forces, to enhance food safety supervision efficiency.

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