In order to understand the effect of the light signal on the growth and development of yeast, the effects of red and blue light on the growth and yield of the growth of the yeast were studied. Results showed that the red culture could prompt the Rhodotorula glutinis biomass increased significantly, improve the content of protein and nucleic acid in Rhodotorula glutinis, improve Rhodotorula glutinis kind of carotene and ergosterol content. The red light can be considered to introduced into Rhodotorula glutinis industrialized production of carotene and ergot solid alcohol. The Blue ray in improving the Rhodotorula glutinis biomass was not obviously, but can be increased Rhodotorula glutinis cell membrane permeability, and improve the Rhodotorula glutinis grease and ergosterol content. Light quality in Rhodotorula glutinis growth process does have an important role, its mechanism and principle still need further in-depth study and discussion.

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