Porphyra yezoensis as raw material, different pressure level and treatment time affect their microbiological, color and texture. The experimental results showed that the effect of pressure level and treatment time on microbiological of yezoensis was remarkable(P<0.05). As the time and pressure increases, the total number of colonies decreased; after more than 15 min, the number of colonies did not change significantly; the number of colonies declined 2.44 lg CFU/g when the pressure level rises to 600 MPa. Porphyra yezoensis hardness with increasing treatment pressure decreased after the first rise, declined with time after the first increase, but the impact of pressure and dwell time on hardness was not significant (P>0.05), The effect of pressure level and treatment time on hardness of Porphyra yezoensis was almost negligible(P>0.05), when treatment time were 15 min, the hardness of Porphyra yezoensis and hardness of untreated almost the same at 600 MPa. Treatment time had no obvious effect on L values (P>0.05). High pressure processing Porphyra yezoensis, processing pressure 600 MPa, the holding time of 15 min, microbial killing effect is remarkable, hardness and color was not larger changes, which committed to the development of new products with fresh and high values.

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