To discuss the effects with different methods of oleoresin of cold pressing oil in Zanthoxylum extraction, select appropriate oleoresin extraction method, and explore different extraction methods of oleoresin flavor components of cold pressing oil in Zanthoxylum. With the cold pressing oil in Zanthoxylum as raw material, water bath, ultrasonic and microwave methods were used to extract the oleoresin and GC—MS was adopted to analyze flavor components of the different extraction methods of oleoresin. The results showed that the extraction of oleoresin absorbance at 270 nm value of ultrasound is the highest, followed by water bath, the lowest is microwave; the optimum conditions of ultrasonic extraction were obtained by orthogonal test, that is ratio of material to liquid 1∶20(m∶V), power 400 W, temperature 40 ℃, time 40 min. GC—MS analysis results indicated that oleoresin obtained by organic solvent extraction contains rich flavor components, but the kinds and contents of oleoresin extracted by different methods were different. The constituents of oleores which was extracted by ultrasonic was the maximum, and the relative contents of main flavor substances were the highest (linalool was as high as 63.07%, limonene was 4.62%, methyl linoleate was 5.11% ). The water bath were second, microwave extraction were the lowest. The results lay a foundation for the development and utilization of oleoresin of Zanthoxylum.

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