Vaccinium Bracteatum Thunb Leaves (VBTL) was used as material. An efficient ultrasound/microwave assisted extraction (UMAE) technique was employed to extract flavones from VBTL. The effects of microwave power, ratio of solvent to solid, temperature and time on the yield of flavones from VBTL were investigated. To optimize the extraction process, response surface methodology was used based on the results of single factor experiment. IR spectrum was scanned to validate the effect of UMAE technology compared with the traditional solvent extraction technology. The results indicated the optimal conditions of UMAE were 140 W of microwave power, 50 W of ultrasound power, 69 ℃ of temperature, 51∶1(V∶m) of solvent-solid ratio and 11 min of extraction time, respectively. The yield of flavones was 3.64% under the optimal technology. The results of IR spectrum implied UMAE had no influence on the structure of flavones from VBTL.

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