Extraction of crude protein from pepper meal, by the establishment of protease hydrolysis pepper meal protein isolate preparation in the best condition of flavor peptides was studied. Through judging the degree of hydrolysis and yield of peptide, the compound protease had the best hydrolyzation effect in digesting pepper meal protein isolate among the trypsin, papain, alkaline, compound protease. The results showed that compound protease had best effect. Selecting solid-liquid ratio(m︰V), amount of enzyme, hydrolysis time, pH and hydrolysis temperature as experiment factors, the best technological condition of digesting pepper meal protein isolate was determined by method of single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment. The result showed that the best effect of Compound protease was in the condition of solid-liquid ratio(m︰V)1︰10, enzyme dosage 2.0%, pH 6.5, time 5 h and 50 ℃. On the conditions, compound protease has better hydrolyzation effect on digesting pepper meal protein isolate, after digesting the degree of hydrolysis is 19.60%, yield of peptide is 6.30%.

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