Microwave-baking process was used to improve chestnut shelling peeled rate. Response surface methodology was employed to analyze the impact of microwave time, baking time and baking temperature on Chestnut shelling and to optimize the shelling rate and color index L* value. The results indicated that the impact of microwave time on the rate of shelling is greater than the baking time and the baking temperature. The microwave time was extremely significant to L* value. When the microwave time was 123 s, the baking temperature was 171 ℃ and the baking time was 128 s, the shelling rate could reach 97.96%, the L* value was 56.67. When the microwave time was 137 s, the baking temperature was 167 ℃ and the baking time was 116 s, the shelling rate was 95.45, L* value could reach 58.94.

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