Aimed to perfect modern fermentation technology of Kohlrabi, and the effects were investigated, of natural wind dehydration, hot air drying dehydration and hot air drying dehydration combined artificial inoculation, on the sense score, physical and chemical index and color of Kohlrabi fermentation product. The results indicated that: 50 ℃ was the optical temperature of hot air drying dehydration; Kohlrabi product with hot air drying dehydration had white color, deficient flavor and taste of typical Kohlrabi fermented, lower sense score, amino nitrogen and lactic acid contents compared with the product with natural wind dehydration. Kohlrabi product with hot air drying dehydration and artificial inoculation had higher amino nitrogen and lactic acid contents, yellow (b) value and sense score than the control without inoculation, and its color, flavor and taste were close to the treatment of natural wind dehydration. All the results suggested: hot air drying dehydration had harmful effects on the quality of Kohlrabi in spite of increasing efficiency of dehydration, and artificial inoculating lactobacillus could improve the quality of the Kohlrabi product with hot air drying dehydration.

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