Pulsed electric field sterilization technology is one of the main concerned non-thermal sterilization technologies. One of its key components is treatment chamber, when the food material went the treatment chamber, in a very short period of time microorganisms endured strong electric field force, the cell structure was destructed, so the cell died. The electric field strength and the temperature distribution in the treatment chamber is the main factor of affecting the system bactericidal effect and food quality, the numerical simulation of the uid dynamics coupled with the electric and thermal eld inside the treatment chamber can provide detailed analysis. The main purpose of the numerical simulation is optimizing the geometry of the treatment chamber, thereby improving the uniformity of the electric field intensity and the temperature distribution, so avoiding the phenomenon such as localized over-processed or less processing and dielectric breakdown. This article reviews numerical investigations performed on the pulsed electric eld process and presents numerical results of a treatment chamber optimization and the solution of coupled uid dynamical, electrical and thermal problems.

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