To predict vibration amplitude and trajectory of the TQLZ type reciprocating vibration screen. A dynamic model of the vibration screen was established, and the stiffness of the rubber springs was determined. A virtual prototype model of the vibration screen was established based on the rigid body dynamics analysis software ADAMS. By calculating the dynamic theory virtual prototype simulation, the amplitude and trajectory of the screen were gotten. The results showed that the theoretical calculation results of the centroid amplitude of the vibrating body were consistent with the results of the virtual prototype simulation. There was a certain angle between the vibration direction of the vibration body and the direction of the exciting force in the vertical plane. When then action line of the exciting force through the centroid of the vibrating body, the vibration amplitudes of each point on the vibrating body are same basically. The vibrating body done reciprocating linear motion was along the direction vibration without rotation about the centroid. The results lay a foundation for research on the vibration force offset centroid type vibration screen and optimal performance for the vibration screen.

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